Visual Content Marketing Trends 2017

MINT is a marketing and advertising agency in Gibraltar, a place with many exciting businesses to promote. The creative team at MINT is always looking for new ways to utilise graphic design and to make sure that we offer your business the best service that reflects what is happening at the best creative agencies in Europe.

Content marketing is going through some significant changes, particularly as digital marketing becomes one of the most used techniques to attract new customers and clients. So, we’d like to outline some of the changes we are seeing and that we can offer you as clients in Gibraltar.

Pam Grossman of Getty Images recently said: “We’re in the age of visuals and content is king. 2017 is all about images that are bold, impactful and evocative.” This is a philosophy that MINT also firmly believes is true. Getty is a leading supplier of images to leading creative agencies and every year it publishes an annual trends report on the types of images that most resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is moving into the forefront of our lives and its technology is growing fast. It makes new human realities possible and currently the trend is for first-person perspectives and “images that evoke a shared experience,” says Newscred, a marketing strategy website. Using VR and 360° camera images, which are now significantly lower in price and easier to use, allows you to engage on an entirely new level and actually immerse your audience within your story,” says Getty Images.

Big, bright colours

There is a resurgence in the use of vivid colours alongside some seemingly strange colour combinations. Recent films have been full of examples: La La land had lots of bright blues, reds and yellows whilst Moonlight excelled at using lush, shiny greenish-blue hues, and this trend is moving into brand advertising.

Unfiltered images

Instagram helped to make the use of filters very popular on personal social media accounts, but in 2017 there is a move towards “truly authentic” unfiltered images. Images that are too posed or planned are being shunned for capturing the moment as it happened.

Strong women

The portrayal of women is changing and brands need to be on message with this. The ultra feminine woman in high heels, picking at a salad is not what consumers want to see today. Women need to be portrayed as “the star of her own show,” and as somebody who’s ready to roll up her sleeves and muck in. Sports brands in particular are leading this trend.

A global village

As the world shrinks thanks to travel, frontiers are falling and there’s a trend towards portraying a “post-national world that transcends border and boundary.” Apple’s recent iPhone 7 Portrait Mode spots are a great example of this visual trend.

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