Video & Animation Production Services in Gibraltar

“We’re operating in a world where
one good video can lead to a
massive social following.” 

Mike Henry

Video is one of the biggest and strongest marketing trends and with the emergence of cameras producing 360° panoramic views as well as virtual reality imaging it is imperative that brands consider including video as part of a marketing strategy. Video works for every market sector, from real estate and hospitality to education, travel, sports, entertainment, finance and more. MINT can produce top quality HD videos that will engage your customers and have a bigger impact on them than any other form of media. As we know, the modern consumer would rather “watch the film than read the book” and that’s why you need video as part of your campaign: you can use the video on your website, in your social media and have your own YouTube channel for multiple videos, which will enable you to build a following.

MINT has experience in producing quality video and animation work for a multitude of businesses for corporate websites, social media channels, launch events, corporate events and TV campaigns. We can produce:

Corporate videos

Animated Videos

TV Adverts

Moving Graphics

Web Animations


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