More Visitors but Stagnant Sales? It’s Time To Up Your Content Game!

More Visitors but Stagnant Sales? It’s Time To Up Your Content Game!

Your ad campaigns are on pointe, your SEO strategy is top notch, and you’re getting more and more visitors to your website. Great job! Now what? That answer is easy: it’s time to convert your website visitors to customers! How? Also easy: get yourself an incredible copywriter. Whether internal (as a full-time member of your business’s marketing department) or external (by employing a digital marketing agency), getting a brilliant-at-what-they do content writer on your marketing team is well worth the investment! After all, why spend all that time, effort, and expense to get visitors to your website if they aren’t going to do anything once they’re there?

With that in mind, it goes without saying that persuasive landing pages and website copy that converts visitors to customers is an absolute must for any business, in any industry, in any location. But what must-have qualities should this incredible copywriter possess? Let’s discuss. When scouting for the best website copywriter or content writer:

Find someone who knows how to speak your audience’s language. And no, we’re not talking about writing your website copy in English because your business or your customers are in Gibraltar. By “language” we mean emotional language. Use your marketing and website analytics to get to know your website visitors, anticipate their needs and wants, and use it to connect with them emotionally. Here’s how: don’t focus on who they are, but rather on what they want and why they want it. Once you have done that, appeal to their logical side with facts, figures, and statistics to drive the message home that your business (and their decision to become its customer) is the best choice. Offer clear, rational solutions to the exact problems your visitors are facing and converting them to customers will simply be a natural consequence.

Find someone who knows how to paraphrase. A great product or service should have a lot of great selling points. A good copywriter can list them all. An incredible copywriter can find the most attractive ones for your ideal customer and repeat it many times, in many ways, to drive the point home and convert website visitors to buyers.

Find someone who knows how to write compelling titles and headlines. The first line of a page, section, or blog is often the only thing your visitor will read until -and unless, your copywriter can draw them in. Find someone who can write catchy, powerfully-written opening lines and your conversion rates will undoubtedly go up.

Find someone who knows how to incorporate testimonials into your website copy. Effective website copy builds trust between a business and a consumer, so it goes without saying that authentic testimonials that support your business’s products or services can make a big difference in its success. Obviously, your copywriter should not be writing these testimonials, but someone who knows when, where, and how to use them throughout your website and within its copy can make a powerful difference in conversion rates.

Find someone who knows how to effectively use language to encourage exclusivity or urgency. Expiration dates, deadlines, and limited supplies are all powerful tools to push your potential customers to action, but keep in mind this is a fine line too, and you don’t want to discourage visitors by making your products or services appear unattainable. A great copywriter can walk that line with skill and ease to get the most action possible from every visitor to your site.

Find someone who knows how to make your visitor’s life easy. All website copy should be clear, concise, and efficient. Don’t get wordy for the sake of being wordy, don’t use unnecessarily complex vocabulary or grammar, and -unless it’s absolutely integral to your business or marketing plan, don’t bother with flowery language. Keep your copy quick and to the point. Keep your sentences short.

Don’t go overboard with adjectives. Use lists, bullet points, and clearly-defined sections whenever possible. Use calls to action with abandon. Remember: attention spans are short and your visitors’ time is valuable. Great website copywriters know and respect that.

If you ‘re searching for a web content writer and already have someone in mind when you’re reading this, congratulations! Finding the best content writer for your website is not always an easy task and going with your gut can yield some good results.

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