Social Listening – Are you Listening? We are!

Social Listening

Social Listening – Are you Listening? We are!

No matter how great your marketing team is, I bet they didn’t have ‘global pandemic’ as a talking point in their marketing and communications strategy sessions before last year.

Not that we blame them: what happened when Covid-19 hit is, generously, a once-in-a-generation event and simply not something that you plan for in Plan A, Plan B, or even Plan Z.

Just as understandibly, even the best branding and communication specialists in virtually every country in the world were left a bit tongue-tied. And although many are slowly figuring it out for themselves now, it’s mostly through estimated guesses and plenty of trial and error.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Want to know just how to talk to your customers during such a milestone, life-changing event like the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, like any relationship, great communication is about listening.

360 Social Listening

If you want to be heard by your customers, you first have to listen. Active listening to understand just what your customer base needs, wants and expects from you at this time in their lives is absolutely critical to building and keeping a strong relationship with them.

Trust us, your business should seriously consider just what social listening can do for you. Even the companies and brands that are emerging from this pandemic with a strong social following can still benefit from social listening, because it can easily streamline what you’ve been working to do, thus making your marketing strategy less labour intensive and more cost effective.

But what exactly is social listening? In a nutshell, 360 social listening is actively monitoring social media and digital feedback as it relates to your business, your brand, your products, and your services. It’s not social media monitoring. It’s stepping back and listening to conversations that are not just being had about you, but what is being said about your industry, your branding inspirations and your competitors. It’s tracking keywords, industry news, pop culture trends, public health concerns and more, so that your brand can take an active role in what your customers want, avoid what they don’t want, and provide relevant content that appeals to their wants, needs, hopes, fears and aspirations in our ever-changing world.

Social listening provides:

Audience Analysis: Don’t just adjust your marketing plans based on how your audiences react to your marketing campaigns, with social listening you get proactive analysis to determine what your current and ideal audiences want, so your campaigns offer less risk and more reward.

Customer Analysis: Get detailed customer demographics like never before so you can customize your micromarketing campaigns and reach those niche customer pockets that your competitors can’t.

Competitor Analysis: Listen in on how your audiences are reacting and responding to competitors, so you can benefit from their successes and failures too.

Consumer Feedback: Directly and indirectly listen in on what customers and potential customers are saying about you, so you can use it to better your products, services and messaging strategy.

Intricate Influencer Analysis: Investigative analysis of influencers means you get insight into which influencers and mico-influencers are best for your brand, including those that you’re most likely not even aware of!

Emotional Impact: On-going research and reporting of how your audiences feel towards you, your products, brand, competitors, marketing, content and more, letting you tailor your marketing campaigns with the most relevant content to meet your customers’ wants and needs.

Trending Topics: Track and trace consumer behaviour as it relates not just to your business or brand, but across your industry so your marketing messaging and strategy is always on-topic.

Thorough Social Listening Analysis with Mint

At Mint, we’ve always been proud of our creative, cutting-edge and effective marketing strategies for our clients in Gibraltar and beyond, so we are happy to annouce that we now offer 360 social listening services. Completely customizable to each client’s needs, our 360 Social Listening services are on-going comprehensive analytic reports that offer valuable insights and suggested action points to make your marketing bigger and better than ever before.

We honestly believe that all companies can benefit from social listening, so we’re offering a free consultation to determine how social listening can be most beneficial for your business and how the marketing experts and Mint can help. Give us a call today to get started!