Promotions & Events Services in Gibraltar

“A story is about significant events
and memorable moments…”

Event management requires a professional touch and at MINT we have years of experience in organizing corporate events, product launches and openings that run smoothly. Of course, this requires a great deal of advance planning and preparation, including the ability to spot any potential problems and formulate ways to mitigate them.

In addition to planning and managing the event, we also provide all the public relations support that is need to ensure success: we write and send out press releases, create promotional messaging for your social media channels or newsletters to send to a client database. Also, over the years of managing events we have built up an extensive network of contacts for venues, catering, entertainment and all the other materials that might be needed for an event.

A memorable event can provide a business with an invaluable opportunity to boost its brand image, whether you are a new business or a business that is announcing a new service. Let us help you make your brand unforgettable – in a good way!

We manage:

Product Launches

Store/Venue Openings

Promotional Events

Press Launches

Exhibitions Conferences & Seminars

Outdoor Experiential Activities

Charity Events


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