The Importance of Online Presence in these Unprecedented Times

By 24th November 2020Online Strategy

Shortening the distance between you and your clients, building brand awareness, and expanding and increasing sales potential are all game-changing results of a great online presence that can’t be ignored, especially in today’s unprecedented times! Even more importantly, every business, from large to small, local to international, has the potential to achieve this success when they use digital marketing to their benefit.

An integrated approach to digital marketing is key and to ensure success it is important to implement a digital strategy that encompasses campaigns across a range of digital platforms such as social media, SEO, Google Advertising, content marketing and more!

as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, targeted search engine optimisation, carefully invested pay-per-click advertising, and quality content marketing:

Social Media Marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, offers the ability to quickly and continuously update and adapt your business and brand while connecting with like-minded groups. The use of social media has grown exponentially and with the right strategy in place it is a very effective marketing medium that can deliver results fast and not at a huge cost to your business.

Content Marketing can expand your business reach by showcasing great customer reviews as well as knowledge of your product, service, or industry thereby establishing yourself as a leader in your field. The aim of any business is to become the “authority” in your field.

Implementing an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy that understands and takes into consideration the needs and wants of your desired customers and followers will generate more organic traffic to your website. This then allows you to convert those browsers into buyers! SEO is a long-term strategy, but one that is definitely worth investing as it has a much higher return on investment that other forms of digital marketing.

It is also vital to keep your business highly visible to customers searching locally and encourage trust in your business, product, or service. This is done via your Google My Business (GMB) page and a strategy known as local SEO. In today’s ever-changing business world it is vital that you keep your page regularly updated (opening hours, contact details etc) and optimise your page with posts that are both interesting and engaging.

Paying for advertising space on Google through Google Ads brings targeted customers in direct contact with your business. When done correctly, it is the best way to guarantee immediate and continuous visibility by those who are the most likely to become your business’s paying customers.

As evidenced by the increasing number of social media platforms that allow for or are dedicated to video content, today’s online audiences prefer watching videos to reading a description, so using videos as a marketing tool is very on-trend and therefore extremely effective. Great videos are a top-rated marketing strategy as they can easily and effectively convey product or service information as well as business personality. Using videos as a marketing tool can help generate the trust between you and your customer you need for a long-standing relationship.

An Essential Tool for Every Business

A successful digital marketing strategy can boost your business on a local, national and international level in a variety of ways. Online, traditional barriers to marketing reach -like distance and language, are blurred, leaving your business open to an almost limitless customer base. Combine that with an effective digital marketing strategy that targets your ideal customer in a range of different geographic, social, and physical areas, and your business has powerful growth potential! Even language, which used to be a frustrating and time-consuming barrier to overcome, can quickly and easily be resolved with widely available translation tools online.

What’s more, now – and perfectly in line with the times we live in, physical contact is no longer a required aspect to create, promote, build, and grow your business – no matter the size, product, or service. To achieve success, though, a targeted online presence is required, achieved through a solid understanding and implementation of a variety of digital marketing strategies.

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