Marketing for startup businesses

MINT will take your startup business from zero to hero

MINT on the Rock is a full service advertising, marketing and web design agency based in Gibraltar. The friendly and expert team is familiar with what it takes to launch a startup business, because once MINT was a startup, so we know what it takes to make sure people know you exist.

Since we arrived in Gibraltar we’ve had the privilege, and fun, of helping numerous businesses on the Rock improve their brand awareness amongst their target audience and delivered countless design products, including everything from corporate logos and stationery to flyers, brochures and online marketing graphics, that have helped each of our clients boost their businesses.


Marketing for startups is different

One of the key starting points we work from with startups is this: the marketing approach is necessarily different to the one we would use with established companies. The reason for this is that startups are usually working with a tighter budget.

As a result, the strategy needs to maximise the funds available. Social media channels can be an effective and inexpensive way to reach new customers, but choosing the right platform for each business is vital. That’s why our social media experts will assess what works best for individual startups. It’s no longer a case of ‘one size fits all’ with social media these days.

And what about the messaging needed to draw in customers? MINT has copywriters who work with the social media team to find the right material to share and to present it with strong messaging. For example, people want information about your product and tips about how your business can help their life. Ultimately, the aim is to get people to share the post, so it has to be worth sharing.


Social media that is eye catching

Social media very much relies on catching the eye, which is why we recommend that any startup uses posts to establish brand identity. When MINT was commissioned in 2016 to run the social media for the Gibraltar Music Festival, our graphic designers created a coherent visual style that consistently linked social media messaging with the GMF brand.

 MINT excels at web design

One of MINT’s great strengths is its web design team. Take a look at the work we started in 2018 for startup Zinago. Acting as Zinago’s marketing consultants MINT was responsible for creating the company logo, stationery, brand identity guidelines, flyers, website design and social media pages. And MINT has been responsible for the strategy for the company’s marketing plan, both pre and post-launch.

A MINT video captures a bigger audience

Over 75% of all content viewed online is video and it’s increasing year on year. In general, it gets higher engagement than photos, text or any other form of content. As a startup, you may think that a video might stretch your budget too far, but it doesn’t have to. This animated video for EyeSpy Recruitment is an example of what is possible without having to spend large sums of money.

MINT can help any startup get off the ground and provide everything you need from a well-designed logo to a sophisticated website, which we can also provide hosting and maintenance for. Through consultation with you, we can come provide a complete marketing strategy and take care of all your business cards and flyers, as well as your social media.


MINT has it all covered, so if you’re a startup, make MINT your starting point for a memorable launch and long-term success.