MINT: a local marketing agency with global expertise

Gibraltar is home to a fantastic blend of local and international businesses and this presents an exciting opportunity for a full service advertising and marketing agency like MINT on the Rock. Why?

Because we can use our experience of working in international markets, as well as local ones, to offer every business based in Gibraltar the know-how to increase your brand awareness online and offline, and globally as well as locally.


Promoting Gibraltar businesses post-Brexit

We’re passionate about the future of Gibraltar as it enters a new era after leaving the European Union, and about playing a strong role in enabling businesses on the Rock to attract new customers or clients from anywhere in the world. Gibraltar’s reputation as a global financial centre, with all the attendant companies that maintain it, including the management consultancies, accountancy firms and the law firms available here, is something to be proud of and to protect. Strong marketing campaigns will ensure that.

MINT has already worked with many international clients who want to expand their global audience by using a digital communications strategy to reach new clients worldwide. These range from financial services and hedge funds to e-shops; all business sectors showing growth in Gibraltar.

From brand strategy to SEO and beyond

MINT is a full service advertising, marketing and web design agency. Our extensive range of services includes Strategy & Planning, Branding and Graphic Design. MINT also has a creative team that knows how to design an eye-catching website, seasoned copywriters who work hand-in-hand with SEO and SEM experts and social media strategists who also know the ins and outs of every platform, as well as digital marketing experts. And of course we have bloggers who will ensure your web content is regularly refreshed; something that is necessary to stay at the top of the search engine results.

MINT website design and build

At MINT, we will not just design your website; we will oversee the website build and development, and we only use the best people for this critical element of a business’s success in the market today. A look at Our Work portfolio will show you that we only work to the highest standard.

Gibraltar video production service

And did we mention that we also provide a Video Production service in Gibraltar? We are experienced in producing high quality video and animation work for a range of businesses, whether for corporate websites, social media channels, launch events, corporate events or TV campaigns. And, if you want to host an event to launch your business or showcase a new product – MINT has professionally produced some of the biggest events of this type seen in Gibraltar.

Experts in marketing to expats

Furthermore, MINT has a Spanish arm: Peppermint is a full service marketing and design agency with 15 years of experience in marketing to the expat market in Spain. The experience the Peppermint team offers includes knowing the best ways to reach the expat market, as well as the Spanish market, because we have run a number of campaigns for local and international brands seeking new customers in southern Spain. And as an added plus for any business, MINT works with Peppermint to produce bilingual campaigns targeting Gibraltar, Spain and the UK.

Whether you need to build your local market in Gibraltar, or you want to reach customers in Spain, in the UK or even farther afield – MINT offers the quality of service you need, as well as the peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of dedicated professionals.

All you have to do is CONTACT US – we’ll be happy to have a chat with you!