How to do digital branding

By 14th September 2018Digital Marketing

It is absolutely essential that you now have a website that is responsive. What that means is this: whether you’re on your laptop, tablet or mobile, there is always a consistent experience of your brand.

What constitutes the most important elements of responsiveness in 2018 websites? The short answer is: media enquiries, fluid grids, and flexible visuals. And the latest trend is for responsive logos. What this means is that the logo works with all screen sizes and formats.

In this way, responsiveness imitates human behaviour. For example, you change your style of dress according to the occasion and that is what logos are now doing by evolving to fit the context they appear in. It is much more complex than simply scaling a logo to fit different screen sizes and requires a more considered approach.


How is a logo adapted for the variations of screen sizes?

With the smaller screen sizes, certain elements of the logo may have to be repositioned or removed altogether. This has to be done while bearing in mind that your logo is your company’s identity and mustn’t lose any of its inheritance and meaning.

So, here are a few pointers to consider:

  • Simplification – take the foundation of the logo and remove all other details surrounding it
  • Reduce elements – remove complex illustrations, colour gradients and drop to shadows to gain clarity
  • Reduce text – either by using an acronym, or by dropping the text altogether if supported by a brand icon and so create a logogram
  • Flat logo variants – turn a logo that has a 3-D appeal or element into a two dimensional one
  • Vertical stacking – this is the adaptation of a logo which is wide and needs to be positioned in a stacking system in order to fit a square shaped area.


The best responsive logos are flexible enough to support the fast-changing nature of digital devices.

If you look at the big brands, such as Google, Coca Cola, Heineken, Chanel and Walt Disney, they have all adapted to the digital age, creating responsive logos for a range of marketing channels and platforms.

Success in marketing is all about having a flexible mindset and adapting to the ever- evolving digital landscape in which we operate – we need to be as responsive as the websites we design and build.

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