Marketing Gets the Green Light at Gibraltar’s Restaurants

Green light Gibraltar

Marketing Gets the Green Light at Gibraltar’s Restaurants

Gibraltar has now been green flagged for UK visitors, which means businesses, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries, are set to make a big comeback this summer. Is your restaurant ready?

Whether fully prepared with a plan in place or still not sure how to achieve the results (and profit) you’re striving for, as a Gibraltar-based, full-service marketing and social media agency, Mint is here to help! Our digital marketing and design teams are well-versed in hospitality marketing with lots of professional training, experience, creativity and know-how to get the best results this summer season and beyond! Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your particular situation and strategy, but also feel free to check out this list of restaurant marketing ideas you may want to consider implementing or improving on this year.

Give plenty of information on your website.Today’s restaurant visitors want to know exactly what to expect when dining out. Include your full menu (including prices), any events happening, special features to look forward to, and your ability to meet special requests so your guests won’t be met with any surprises, something that is generally not well received these days. It goes without saying, that you also need to update any changes to opening hours, safety protocols, or requirements due to Covid-related regulations on your website and across all your digital platforms too.

Use geo-tags in your SEO. We’re sure you’re aware of SEO (if you’re not, come and see us at Mint immediately!), and there are always plenty of ways to improve it, but one area you may not yet have considered is geo-tagging. Since it’s Gibraltar that is being reopened to visitors, make sure you include Gibraltar-specific tags in all your SEO work. If you’re not sure what these may be, or which will be the most effective for your restaurant, give our marketing team a call – we can do some pretty incredible market research for you that can seriously up your SEO game. P.S. To get the most out of your local business marketing strategy, don’t forget to use (and update!) Google My Business on a very regular basis!

Don’t neglect e-mailers. A lot of restaurant marketing strategy ignores the idea of e-mailers or newsletters because they think it’s not relevant to the restaurant industry. We completely disagree. Newsletters are still a huge source of successful marketing in any industry, but as a restaurant you just need to do it differently. Consider asking your online visitors to sign up for an email list in exchange for vouchers, incentives, or upgrades in your restaurant. Or invest in a low-risk, pre-formulated email list like Groupon that bring more customers straight to you and through your restaurant doors.

Do everything you can to increase engagement. This one is a bit obvious, we know, and a bit vague, too (sorry) but that’s only because a lot of it depends on what you already do, who your audience is, and how you want to move forward. Things to consider may be a more focused social media strategy, a more homogenous branding image across digital marketing platforms, targeted content marketing, improved imagery, better website usability, market research, and more. A great marketing company (like Mint!) can do a thorough assessment of your current marketing strategy, online presence, and engagement, then offer customised advice on how to proceed that’s specific to your business, so that you can get the most out of your marketing budget and achieve the sales growth you are looking for.

Overall, this summer is set to be a great one for the hospitality industry in Gibraltar, so now’s the time to take advantage of it to its fullest! Let’s work together to make Gibraltar – and your restaurant, the place to be this summer!