Emotional adverts win more customers

Online marketing is an essential element of every business and brand marketing strategy, and at MINT advertising and marketing agency in Gibraltar we have been keeping a keen eye on the latest developments and trends, especially in digital advertising. We always want our clients to reap the most benefits from any campaign we produce for them, and we have put together some tips about how using emotional advertising will get you noticed and win you more customers.

Kissmetrics, a leading research company in digital marketing reports that “An analysis of 1,400 successful ad campaign case studies found that campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content.” Trend Hunter Marketing also discovered that the popularity score for emotion-based campaigns scored an average of 8.0, which is much higher than for other types of advertising.

A younger audience has FOMO

Adding emotion and perhaps a bit of a thrill is the way forward and there is really no limit to the range of emotions to be used. One that resonates well with the younger generation is FOMO – fear of missing out. An advert that uses this emotion needs to suggest to the person reading the ad that everyone except them is using your product. Here are same ways MINT can employ it as a strategy:

  • Mention the number of people already using your product.

  • Pose a question that hints the person is missing out on a great opportunity.

  • Make the reader feel like there’s a fascinating community they’re not part of…at least not yet!

  • Make your ad offer limited by time to nudge people to sign up faster.

Show them the excitement

Giving your customers of excitement is more likely to lead to impulse purchases. To make your campaign deliver this emotion, we can:

  • Use lots of bright colours and images that show excitement

  • Add plenty of exclamation marks and keep copy short

  • Use an energetic tone of voice

  • Include a discount offer that is irresistible

Of course, when we go for the ‘excitement’ feeling we need to make sure the customer acts before the feeling fades, which takes about 20 minutes, according to psychologists. So, it’s best to keep the ad as straightforward and compelling as humanly possible in order to get a sale.

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