6 Website Design Trends 2017

By 6th June 2017Web Design

MINT in Gibraltar has a brilliant graphic design team that works in partnership with the best web designers to ensure that all our clients get the best website for their business or brand. The world of website design is always changing and it is vital that all of us at MINT understand how to get our clients’ web design right for the times. We expect to see some of these web design trends emerge in 2017.

VR and 360° video

Virtual reality and 360° videos will make a bigger impact this year, especially with more 360 degree cameras available that just about anyone can learn to use. Expect to see both VR and 360° videos incorporated into web design. Peugeot’s latest campaign for the 208 is a good example of using both techniques.

Pinterest-style layouts

The card design layout popularised by Pinterest is making its way into web graphics. More web graphic designers will use a dynamic grid layout because customers like its simplicity, organisation, flexibility and responsiveness. It is a structure that is particularly appropriate for websites with lots of information, such as fashion retail.

AI bots and conversations

AI-powered bots are going to get even more realistic and complex this year, empowering businesses to automate communication and sales. Online businesses will increasingly connect with their customers via messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to provide personalised customer support. Conversational interfaces will go through a huge shift, and help brands express personality, as well making them more human and approachable.

High quality, authentic photography

The consumer is clever and can now recognise a stock shot immediately. These are less trusted by the consumer and are increasingly considered as “bad for web design.” Not only do we have access to some great photographers working in Gibraltar, there is also a number of photography websites emerging that offer authentic images for better web design.

Intuitive forms and natural language

Forms are an integral element of many websites; for registration, bookings, checkout, customer feedback, subscriptions, and more. They should be given special attention in the design phase to produce user-friendly, intuitive forms that enable businesses to streamline their processes, gather customer data more effectively and ultimately, make more money. We will also see more natural, everyday language used in forms, because it is more engaging and friendly to the customer. Google’s search language has educated the consumer to ask questions as if they were talking to a friend and we’ll see more of this ‘human factor’ in web design this year.

More bespoke illustrations

The MINT website is an example of the use of bespoke illustrations from out graphic design team. Branded illustrations that match and enhance the tone of a brand and communicate its personality is an exceptionally powerful communication technique. MINT’s illustrations can boost a brand’s recognition and add an element of fun to its site.

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